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minimalist Sherlock (again), inspired by x


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"Nature has an order. A power to restore balance. I believe he is that power."

i am a ghost to everyone i know
Anonymous: hi! if it isn't a problem, could you please explain the ending of inception? not the totem part, but if fischer did what they wanted him to do? like, is being his 'own man' going to destroy his father's empire? i thought things would end up with him being angry with his father. i'm sorry i'm just confused :/

hi! no need to be sorry, i’m pretty sure inception confused everyone so it’s okay :) from what i’ve got, the inception was successful & the team made robert believe that he was never a disappointment to his father, who didn’t want his son to follow in his footsteps, thus encouraged him to dissolve the company and pursue his own career. robert’s not angry because the team made sure that he wouldn’t be (earlier in the movie eames suggests to use robert’s anger but cobb says that positive emotion is always better than negative to perform inception). i admit that his conversation with eames-as-browning about “being his own man” is a bit ambiguous but i’d say it means he’s going to do what the team wanted.

lostinmemoryfoam: You make hella good graphics! <3 your blog!

thank you love! :D


Trippy picture of Joe during his make-up transformation into Bruce Willis for Looper

Kazuhiro Tsuji altered his ears, eyebrows, nose, lips and chin with prosthetic make-up, and made him wear green contacts.